Winston Churchill Day

April 9 commemorates the day President John F. Kennedy made Sir Winston an honorary citizen of the United States. Born into the powerful Churchill dynasty, Winston gained fame as a war correspondent before switching to a political career which spanned more than half a century. In 1940, Winston became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, uniting his countrymen in one of its darkest times in history. Losing office in 1945, he rose back to power in 1951 and served until 1955. Upon retirement, Churchill declined the offer to be made a duke. He did accept Queen Elizabeth II’s proposal to make him a member of the prestigious Order of the Garter. Churchill died aged 90 in 1965. His funeral was one of the largest in British history: representatives from more than 100 countries attended, with his funeral viewed by more than 350 million.

Despite being an avid painter, Winston Churchill was never a composer. Forty-five years after his death, Winston made it to the top charts. Back in 2010, the Central Band of the Royal Air Force reached No. 4 with their “Finest Hour” track, featuring Churchill’s rallying speech, set to a “pomp-and-oratory mash-up.” Britain’s Official Charts Company was honored to add Winston Churchill to their list, which includes the likes of Elvis, Madonna, and the Beatles. They also saw it as a fitting tribute “to the amazing sacrifices of our servicemen.”

Preview Churchill’s hit track, or click here to listen to the entire album.

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