Are you an A, X, Y, or F?

No, we don’t mean a personality type. There are 23 concerts total between our Philharmonics (Phils) and Pops seasons. (Not including our one-night-only concerts; Sunday matinee performances at Hochstein; kid-friendly programs; and FREE neighborhood ensembles). Our packages are then lettered – to help differentiate between all the combinations. Philharmonics packages use the beginning of the alphabet (A-F), while our Pops packages start at the end (X-Z). For those with busy schedules, don’t worry – we offer free exchanges for all of our subscribers, across all series.

Our Phils Season this year features 14 exciting programs, with performances on Thursday and Saturday (with one exception). Some view this series as our ‘traditional’ programming, with composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and other powder haired artists. However, that’s not true all – we also include modern and living composers, from the avant-garde artists of the 20th century like Igor Stravinsky to 21st-century composers such as John Adams!

We divide our Phils Season between full, half, and mini packages. Our Full (A) Series subscription includes all 14 engaging concerts. Those who subscribe to the whole season also receive the most bang for their buck. Their tickets are 27% off when compared to buying shows a la carte – as well as an additional 15% discount when purchasing tickets above & beyond their subscription.Half (B, C) Series subscribers receive tickets to…well…half of the Season. These two series include seven, pre-selected concerts, each with an alternate performance of the Phils season. Each package is well balanced, featuring blockbusters like The Firebird to more challenging modern pieces like Scheherazade .2. Ward & our Artistic Department try to offer a little something for everyone at every subscription level.

B Series include programs that are not in C, and vice-versa. If you would prefer to see a concert in the other series, you are more than welcomed to exchange it for no additional charge. The same for our Mini (D, E & F) Series – four pre-selected concerts you can enjoy, spread throughout the season. Half Series Subscribers save 20% off tickets when compared to single-ticket buyers, while Mini Series Subscribers save 15 %. Also, both can save 10% when purchasing additional tickets.

Our Pops season features nine concerts performed on Fridays and Saturdays. As the name suggests, these concerts are thoroughly contemporary with a pop culture mindset: from our sold-out Films in Concerts to music accompanied by aerial feats and contortionists! We divide the Pops Season between full and half series. Full (X) Subscribers receive all nine concerts and the best value – saving 20% with their subscription and 15% off additional tickets. Half (Y & Z) Subscribers (like their Phils counterparts) receive half of the concerts in their five-concert series, saving 15% with their subscription. They also receive 10% off additional ticket purchases to any other shows – announced or yet-to-be!

Whether you’re A, X, Y, or F, an RPO subscriber receives many benefits. Exclusive access to concerts before the general public (that Harry Potter film? Everyone else has to wait until late-July.) Exclusive discounts to participating restaurants in our area. Also, most importantly, the love and admiration of supporting your RPO in its mission to inspire, educate, and engage our community through the art of music.

Click here to learn more about our upcoming 2019-20 Phils and Pops Series.

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