Our first Around the Town concert begins tonight at Gantt Community Center and continues this Thursday (Edgerton R-Center) and Friday (Eastridge High School). Tonight and tomorrow’s shows are scheduled to feature the world premiere of a new work by Bill Cahn, who was the RPO Principal Percussionist form 1968 to 1995. The work titled, “Bombala,” was composed in February 2019 for the RPO and students in the ROCmusic Collaborative, an after-school program providing grade school children in the City of Rochester with instruction on musical instruments.

The students also learn hand-drumming in the ROCdrummers, which is a part of the Collaborative’s offerings. The composer of Bombala, Bill Cahn, is a facilitator for the ROCdrummers; he also sits on the RPO’s Honorary Board of Directors. The RPO is one of the co-sponsors of the ROCmusic Collaborative, along with the City of Rochester, the Rochester City School District, the Eastman Community Music School, and The Hochstein School of Music & Dance.

The ROCdrummers perform on single-headed drums called tubanos, using their hands to make different strokes generating various sounds. Each ROCdrummer is tasked to play a basic rhythmic pattern in repetition. The drummers’ rhythm is contrasted with the orchestra as they perform different melodies and harmonies.

Cahn purposely wrote this piece to feature children in the ROCdrummers performing alongside professional musicians of your RPO. This is just one of the many ways that the RPO continues to support young musicians in our community today

AROUND THE TOWN: From the Stage to the Silver Screen

April 24, Gantt R-Center (700 North Street, 7:00 pm
April 25, Edgerton R-Center (41 Backup Street), 7:00 pm
April 26, Eastridge High School (2350 Ridge Road), 7:30 pm

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