Music for Royal Births

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Princess Meghan on the birth of their son! We’ve selected a few pieces of music written in honor of the arrival of royal princes and princesses.

Paul MealorSleep On

One of the most recent compositions, Mealor dedicated the lullaby to William & Kate’s first child, Prince George, in 2013. The piece features the soprano Hayley Westenra.

Malcolm Williamson – Songs for a Royal Baby in honor of the birth of Prince Henry of Wales

As Master of the Queen’s Music, the Australian composer wrote this piece in honor of Her Majesty’s grandson – who today, celebrates the birth of his son – back in 1985. The work remains one of the most exceptional royal pieces in his career.

Michael Tippett Suite in D for the Birthday of Prince Charles

A high honor! A year after the celebrated marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Tippett wrote this piece in for their first child and son Charles, Prince of Wales in 1948.

Edward Elgar – Nursery Suite

As a Master of the King’s Music, Elgar had a longstanding relationship with the British Royal Family. He composed his Nursery Suite in honor of the birth of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, in 1930.

George Frederic Handel – Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne

Known to us today due to the popular film, Queen Anne was a lover of Baroque music and commissioned Handel to write this celebratory piece for her birthday in 1713. (Sadly, she passed away a year later.) The work also political in nature: the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, and the creation of the United Kingdom several years earlier.

Click below to listen to a selection of royally-themed tunes, available on Spotify.

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