Willa Finck

Violinist Willa Finck is one of our newer musicians, performing with your RPO for two and a half years. Originally from North Carolina, Willa moved to Rochester in 2014 to pursue her undergraduate degree at Eastman School of Music, completing her program last May. Her days include some reading (right now, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari), cooking, organizing/cleaning, and spending time with her friends and roommates. Her days also include playing the violin; she practices either for upcoming RPO performances or just for fun.

Willa doesn’t have one way of getting ready for a concert. However, she never limits the length of her practices, studying and preparing so long as she feels comfortable with the music. Weeks in advance, her preparations also involve listening to previous recordings and listening through it all while becoming acquainted with it before rehearsal. On concert nights, Willa admits, she can become “one of those perpetually late people.” She quickly changes and heads over to Kodak Hall in 40 minutes!

Violinist Willa Finck

Beyond the stage, Willa keeps maintains a very active musical career. She is a fiddler and vocalist for Copper Hill, a group made up of current and former Eastman students. Their inaugural album, Once Around the Sun, was released this year. Willa credits her style influence on spending her youth in North Carolina – an area rich with traditional American music. She’s also part of the Flower City Follies, Rochester’s all-female jazz troupe, and has been swing dancing at Groove Juice Swing for the past year or two. In addition to dancing, Willa paints, writes music, bakes, takes in the local park scenery, and go to concerts around the town.

Wherever she goes, and whomever she’s performing with, Willa doesn’t hesitate to show her musical passions. Like your RPO, she enjoys bringing the art of music to audiences big and small. Consider donating during our Beyond the Stage Season-End Challenge! Every dollar donated, now through June 30, will be matched up to $300,000! Your generous support allows us to continue George Eastman’s vision as a provider of music to our art-loving region.

Visit rpo.org/donate for more information and to make your donation today.

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