Rehearsal – Zarathustra!
Rehearsal – Eternal Tango
Eastman student, and film composer, Aaron Siebert explains the role of Also sprach Zarathustra! in media.
Music Director Ward Stare explains Shostakovich 10
Classical guitarist Lynn McGrath explains her role in Mahler 7.
Josh Schairer explains the brief history of the applause during concerts.
Music Director Ward Stare explains Mahler 7.
Rehearsal for Primary Concerts.
Rehearsal – Enigma Variations
Eastman student, and film composer, Aaron Siebert tells the importance of Enigma Variations in films.
RPO horn Stephen Laifer talks about his role in Rite of Spring.
Butterman Conducts Mozart!
Rehearsal – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Rehearsal – Leslie Odom Jr.
Music Director Ward Stare talks about Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring
Rehearsal – Scheherazade
Learn more about Scheherazade with Concertmaster Juliana Athyade
Rehearsal – Carmina Burana
John Deming in 18-19 The Nutcracker
Music Director Ward Stare discusses Carmina Burana.
Rehearsal – The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tail Waggin’ Team of the RPO!
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